Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd
Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd
Christchurch and Canterbury Exterior Plasterers. RedRock Plastering Ltd.

Solid Plaster and Stucco Repairs

Solid Plaster & Stucco Repairs, Christchurch. The old saying, ‘Nothing lasts forever’ applies as much to building surfaces as anything else. Inevitably your perfect plaster exterior will need touching up by RedRock Plastering Ltd at some stage, regardless of the expertise with which it was applied.

Weather, wear and tear, unseen moisture, building movement, rising damp and unwise substrate choices can create issues best tended to promptly before they have time to take hold. Employing RedRock Plastering Ltd for Solid Plaster & Stucco Repairs Christchurch to do the job for you in the first instance will minimise potential problems because we have a technique for every property, no matter the substrate.

Solid Plaster & Stucco Repairs Christchurch. Our focus on prep work before plaster work is a mainstay practice that increases the durability and longevity of your plaster cladding – and helps guarantee the great results our name rides on.

Choosing the right substrate and reinforcement for your plaster exterior is vital because this process determines how well your building surface copes with movement, temperature extremes and moisture.

RedRock Plastering Ltd will research a solution for you at the outset of the job, and as different substrates require different plaster applications, prep time at this stage will ensure fewer cracks and decomposition later. We want your stunning plaster surface to shine on for years and years, just as much as you do!

Christchurch Exterior Plasterers. RedRock Plastering Ltd.

When you spot a crack or breakage, get in touch straight away. We’ll respond quickly to your call, inspect your plaster problem, tailor a remedy and set to work to fix it immediately. This prompt action has comforted our clients – and held us in good stead – over the years.

Our product of choice is MultiStop Patch, Repair and Finish; an effective and reliable application that will spackle your crack in its tracks. MultiStop is another premium construction mortar product from the Resene Construction Systems range, ideal for the repair of any sandable or non-sandable concrete surface.

Resene MultiStop Patch, Repair and Finish:

  • All in one self-contained
  • No mixing equipment required
  • Low mess
  • Easy to transport
  • Simple steps to Patch, Repair & Finish
  • Easy to mix, use and apply
  • Good build-up
  • Fast setting

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