Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd
Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd
Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Christchurch.

Exterior Plastering Company Christchurch

Christchurch Exterior Plasterers Winners of the Resene Construction Systems National Rookie (Start-Up) of the Year Award in 2016. That was the first coup for RedRock Plastering Ltd and the accolades have been flowing ever since.

It’s heady stuff but peer recognition is always well and truly earned. Owners of RedRock Christchurch Exterior Plasterers, Manu and Jenna Toailoa lead the company with a strong focus on professionalism, collaboration and cooperation between workers, key personnel and clients. We understand that having a good rapport spanning the entire company pays awesome dividends when it comes to attracting great clients – and our reputation is evidence of this.

We also know that RedRock Plastering stands high in the community thanks to our dedicated team of skilled Christchurch Exterior Plasterers. Our team are all diligent workers who operate at peak productivity levels to give our customers reassurance, satisfaction and peace of mind. They’re exemplary not only in their approach and attitude to work but also in their commitment to the SiteSafe practices governed by WorkSafe NZ.

As part of team training, Manu and Jenna are committed to providing ongoing professional development, and this has been another boon to improving and maintaining both client and staff relations.

RedRock Plastering Christchurch. Award Winning Exterior Plasterers Christchurch.

Some of our great business relationships are reflected by the many awards we have won in the five years RedRock Plastering Ltd has been in action.

Winning the Craftsmanship Award for Nazareth House in 2016 as well as the Resene Construction Systems Rookie Award gave us the initial confidence that the RedRock way was on the right track. Those early acknowledgements for Christchurch exterior plasterers validated RedRock’s top position in the plastering arena. Then hot on the heels of those awards came a raft of others every year, establishing us as a strong player in the plastering construction industry.

Check out our Projects and Awards page to see what we’re capable of! We are super proud of what we’ve achieved so far and we’re sure we can set your plastering project up for success, too.

Business Achievement Award in 2018

  • Resene Construction Systems: Innovative design. Integrated systems. Enduring finish
  • 15-year Resene Construction Systems guarantee
  • Every-2-year maintenance check
  • Rockcote products
  • SiteSafe, WorkSafe NZ and BRANZ approved
  • Master Plasterers
  • Multiple award-winning
  • Featured in Houses, Canterbury Today, Abode and Metro magazines

Red Rock Plastering Ltd

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