Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd
Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd
Plaster Cladding Solutions for all your outdoor landscaping needs

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Plastering Walls Fences Facades Christchurch. Thanks to Resene Construction Systems, RedRock Plastering Ltd can offer a plaster cladding solution for all your outdoor landscaping needs; in fact, we can pretty much clad anything.

Fads and fashions in architecture are ever-changing. Building styles ebb and flow from clever minimalistic to out-there extravagant, but what about the design of the structural landscape that surrounds your main project?

Plastering Walls Fences Facades Christchurch. Features such as walls, fences, letterboxes … meshing the exterior façade of your building with the style of other structures located on your property demands the unique flexibility that Resene Construction Systems offer.

With cost-effective, versatile solutions at the ready, RedRock Plastering Ltd are on board to transform your property from unfinished to fabulous. We’ll work with you to create an exterior landscape which will endure now and into the future, no matter the trend.

So many colours to choose from, so many designs, shapes, textures. With new styles of architecture comes the need for flexible, innovative plastering systems and our team are happy to share the benefits of Resene Construction Systems with you –we know we can create a look you’ll love. It’s time to let your imagination fly!

Plastering Walls Fences Facades Christchurch

One product we usually choose to use for wall plaster applications is the Resene Construction System INTEGRA Lightweight Concrete Fencing System. It boasts proven technology, it’s lightweight, 50mm thick reinforced, and is a tried and tested method of fence construction around the world.

Perfect for residential and commercial applications, Integra AAC masonry fence panels are tough–and provide great security! Steel mesh reinforced and bonded together with a mortared joint with the panels screw fixed into timber or steel posts, then coated with premium Rockcote Resene plaster and paint finishes–you couldn’t ask for a stronger, more beautiful wall.

Plastering Walls Fences Facades Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd.

The Resene Constructions Integra Fence system:

  • Lightweight
  • Solid and durable
  • Impact-resistant
  • Repels moisture, soil contact and salt air
  • Offers acoustic benefits
  • Speedy installation
  • Cost-effective

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