Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd
Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd
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Exterior Plastering Christchurch | Residential

Exterior Plastering Christchurch | Residential. The Resene Construction Systems range provides products that are RedRock’s true faves for life in the chillier climes of the South Island. Not only for cold winter weather but also for creating a pleasant internal ambience during scorching summer temperatures. Resene products also provide structural reassurance against potential ground shaking. They’re a winner every which way!

For residential new home builds, apartment blocks, renovations and earthquake repairs there’s a working philosophy practised by the team at RedRock Plastering Ltd to provide a professional plastering finish -no matter what your substrate is and no matter the weather.

Exterior Plastering Christchurch | Residential

The substrate is the foundation over which we apply the plaster product specifically tailored for your needs. This can be wood, brick, metal grid, concrete block or just about anything that passes muster for a successful clad. The products and processes we utilise are certified by BRANZ and supplied by Resene Construction Systems. This means that our residential exterior plastering is based on systems which come up trumps each and every time.

New Zealand-owned Resene Construction Systems are a national icon in the plastering world. Their slogan is “Creating beautiful and durable exteriors you can trust” and this is exactly what eventuates. Resene Construction Systems offer plastering applications which take into consideration thermal control, beauty, longevity, integrity and flexibility, and of course the variable geographical extremes that impact us all.

Exterior Plastering Christchurch | Residential

Exterior Plasterers Christchurch | Residential

Resene also operate a full circle GreenSite environmental sustainability strategy which encompasses the inclusion of recycled components (such as EPS waste and refined glass) in their plaster products.

RedRock Plastering Ltd exterior plastering residential Christchurch are rapt with the results that Resene Construction Systems and Rockcote cladding products deliver. These solutions are fully compliant with current building code requirements and we know they work a treat. Resene’s innovative and professional range of products offers the best application and outcome you could possibly hope for – or expect.

Have a read at the list of substrate and materials that thanks to Resene, we can clad in durable, divine plaster:

  • Brick
  • Concrete Block
  • Aerated Concrete Panel
  • Erff Panel
  • Enviro Panel
  • Hebel Panel N
  • Polystyrene
  • Poly Block
  • Hardies
  • Monotek
  • Graphex
  • Lightweight Concrete Panel

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