Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd
Exterior Plasterers Christchurch. RedRock Plastering Ltd
Commercial Exterior Plastering Christchurch RedRock Plastering Ltd.

Exterior Plastering Christchurch | Commercial

Exterior Plastering Christchurch | Commercial. RedRock Plastering Ltd are a very well-rounded company! Not only do we excel in residential plaster applications; our name is equally synonymous with creating excellent, award-winning exterior commercial surfaces.

Exterior Plastering Christchurch Commercial. RedRock Plastering Ltd. Our affiliation with Resene Construction Systems is an aspect of our commercial plastering service we are proud of (and grateful for) and the list of Resene awards we’ve received endorses our practices 100%.

Commercial Exterior Plastering Christchurch and Canterbury. RedRock Plastering Ltd.

RedRock are fully competent and compliant in providing exterior plaster cladding for:

  • Offices–single and multi
  • Retail blocks
  • Hospitalityoutlets
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Rest homes
  • Hospitals

The key similarity here is that no matter the purpose, style, substrate or scale of the job, our exterior plastering commercial Christchurch surfaces always look fabulous. They also last for a long, long time–an important, cost-effective benefit for any commercial enterprise.

Talking plastering for your commercial property means having a chat to RedRock Plastering Ltd about the options that Resene Construction Systems offer. Utilising Resene and Rockcote has allowed us to perfect our applications on all commercial projects and now our plastering is a bit like creating a work of art.

And plastering is a kind of art form in the construction industry because the technology behind the various applications has come a long way since the days of stucco! Mixing a slurry of lime, horsehair, sand and water used to be the mainstay plastering format, however, times have changed and RedRock’s licenced affiliation with Resene Construction Systems means the choices are endless. Exterior Plastering Christchurch | Commercial.


Using Resene plaster systems and Rockcote products provides a weather-protected base, excellent insulation and thermal equality, moisture retardants, longevity, noise control, amazing colour and that all-time Resene Construction Systems reliability. All good reasons why RedRock Plastering Ltd love the versatility of the Resene Construction Systems.

Our plastering practitioners are SiteSafe certified and guarantee that their work mandate is to operate under the industry standards recommended by WorkSafe NZ.

Commercial projects we are particularly chuffed about:

  • Terrace Downs Luxury Accommodation, Windwhistle
  • Summerset at Wigram Retirement Village
  • Nazareth House, Sydenham. We are winners of the Master Builders House of the Year Craftsmanship Award 2016

One product we usually choose to use for wall plaster applications is the Resene Construction System INTEGRA Lightweight Concrete Fencing System. It boasts proven technology, it’s lightweight, 50mm thick reinforced, and is a tried and tested method of fence construction around the world.

Perfect for residential and commercial applications, Integra AAC masonry fence panels are tough–and provide great security! Steel mesh reinforced and bonded together with a mortared joint with the panels screw fixed into timber or steel posts, then coated with premium Rockcote Resene plaster and paint finishes–you couldn’t ask for a stronger, more beautiful wall.

The Resene Constructions Integra Fence system:

  • Lightweight
  • Solid and durable
  • Impact-resistant
  • Repels moisture, soil contact and salt air
  • Offers acoustic benefits
  • Speedy installation
  • Cost-effective

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